a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life… or something like that…

Does anyone else have unruly untameable and utterly manic hair? One minute it looks kinda/sorta socially acceptable and the next it looks like you haven’t brushed it in years? I talked about the trials and tribulations of curly and frizzy hair on instagram last week, so I won’t post the whole spiel again here, but I figured I’d pop up some pics of the the before and after! Having had a bob for years, I thought I would try growing it out a bit. In my head, the long hair would OBVIOUSLY look like Taylor Hills perfect waves on a Victorias Secret’s runway…


Yeah… not quite….

I love the wild curls on beach days – but it’s Ireland, so that basically never happens, and tbh it was starting to take forever to wash and dry in the evening, and aint nobody got time for that with 7am rounds and endless exams!

So I got it cut – can wash and dry in like 5 mins now AND it’s super easy to pop in some heated rollers if I’m going out and want to feel glam (which is never in medicine, but hey, a girl can dream…)


The hair dresser got so excited when I told her she could hack it all off 😛

They say a woman who cuts her hair is a woman who about to change her life – while I wish my life had changed drastically in the last week (Alas, I still go on IG when I should be studying and eat cake when I should eat vegetables… :O) I def like the change, it’s such  weight off my shoulders (literally!) and I like the short natural curls with some vibrant red lips, it feels modern and fun.

That’s about it this week, will try to pop up a makeup up look soon. In the mean time, hope everyone is having a lovely week!

20 thoughts on “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life… or something like that…

  1. You really suit your hair short! I have frizzy hair and I got it cut about the same length as yours in December. It’s so much more manageable now, I love it 😀 xx

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  2. I have frizzy hair like you (maybe a bit more rebellious than yours) and I’ve had days where I want to chop it off, but then i remember that I can’t tie it down so I have to refrain from doing so. I love your new look!

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    1. thaaanks gurl! Lol, I feel ya, my hair is pretty insane too, the first pic is def a ridiculously good day, its generally more frizz less curl, so many times I just want to cut it all off. I feel like our love of good makeup sets off the crazy hair though, lets continue to tell ourselves that the fashion world loves huge hair! 😉 ❤

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