Cara Delevingne-Inspired Turquoise & Gold

A while ago I saw a photo of Cara Delevigne with the brightest, most mesmerising shimmering turquoise and gold eye makeup on Instagram. Don’t know about you, but I’m quite the fan of eye-catching eyes, so I figured I’d give the look a try (anything to channel my inner Cara 😛 )


Face: I wanted the skin to look youthful and glowing so I mixed some of Becca Backlight Priming Filter with my foundation, then popped some MAC cream base in Hush over the bridge of the nose, and and cupids bow.


Eyes: I started by applying some black eyeshadow (Carbon from MAC) over an eye primer – black eyeshadow might sound a bit scary, especially the thought of putting it all over the lid, I appreciate that, but bear with me lol! This can be as messy as you want and as dark or light as you please, just blend out the edges with a fluffy brush and all will be fine 😀

MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

Next, I went over the black with this cream turquoise shadow from Maybelline. As I wanted the colour to be quite intense over the central part of the lid, I just used my fingers to apply it, then blended out the edges using a base shadow brush from Real Techniques.

Maybelline Colour Tatoo 24hr in Turquoise Forever over black shadow

Finally, a little flick of black liquid liner and some mascara – then, for the inner corners of the eyes, I used this little glitter pot from MAC. Admittedly Cara’s look was more fine shimmer than glitter, but I don’t own a shimmer in this shade and the glitter made it a teeny bit more fun I think.

Enter a caption

Repeating the same along the lower lash line, and tight-lining with some black eyeliner pencil….


Lips: For the lips I used this lovely Hepburn Honey shade from Charlotte Tilbury, ran over it with a little bit of Blush lipstick from Bobbi Brown, and finished off with a dab of clear gloss.

Hepburn Honey, Charlotte Tilbury

I really like this colour as it’s pretty versatile – it’s great for pairing with bold eyes as it’s pretty neutral, but it also has enough depth and warmth to add to a pretty minimal look.

Swatch – Hepburn Honey, CT

What Cara D look would be complete without a beanie!

Hope you like this look! It was really fun and straightforward enough to do. It’s also nice and bright for these dark winter months which can seem pretty long at times. If you’ve anything you’d like me to do or try out, please do let me know!


I’ve also made a ‘My Make Up Looks‘ page here on Stethosvogue where you can see lots of these makeup looks together on one page and simply click on the one you want to find out more about – figured it might be an easier way of navigation!

Hope 2017 is off to a great start for everyone, and that you’re not being too hard on yourself over New Years resolutions, they can be tough to keep at the best of times ❤

Love, K




35 thoughts on “Cara Delevingne-Inspired Turquoise & Gold

      1. definitely do! i never would have even thought of trying to wear shimmery turquoise before i saw it on IG, it’s fun to try new looks if nothing else. If you do, please make a post so we can see your beautiful creation! 🙂

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