Dark Birthday/Winter Makeup


First of all, sorry I haven’t updated in such  long time – we started clinical rotations in August, and I was working part-time at the time too. In my head of course all of this was possible… I’ve since made a few changes, and we have a considerably more relaxed module for december, so I’m hoping to posts a good few things over the next few weeks to (sort of) make up for it.

Secondly, I hope everyone is well! I’m really looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts and seeing what you’ve been up to.


So as some of you might know from IG, it was my birthday last month, and naturally I got lots of makeup gifts – here’s a look I created with them. I think its quite wintery with the dark browns and berry red.

I prepped the face with moisturiser, then with some of this beautiful Backlight Priming Filter from Becca (lets just say this was a gift to myself….. 😛 )


It glides really nicely onto the skin and leaves a lovely luminescence that glistens through your makeup up. It’s definitely more of a subtle glow than a shimmer.

Check out that GLOW! I’m not usually one for scented makeup, but this smells so lovely and fresh!

Next I applied foundation and some under eye concealer, afterwards – eyeshadow!

This little guy was a gift from my best friends – they know me so well! Its the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette.  The shades apply and blend really smoothly and are pretty pigmented, so it’s easy to work with. I really like the fact that they are fairly neutral shades of brown, I find some browns can be quite red or coppery, which can be really nice, but I think these shades go particularly well with berry or red lips.

I used the the taupe shade – Woodrose (top right) all over the lid, then some of Milk Chocolate (bottom left out of the top 4) at the edges to make it a bit more dramatic and smokey.

No classic eye would be complete without a little sweep of black liquid liner and lashings of mascara.

For years, I’ve heard makeup artists rave about Tom Ford lipsticks, and one I seemed to hear a lot about was ‘black dahlia’. Being a lover dark lips, I was curious to see what the hype was about….

That packaging though!

While I have to admit, TF has the whole packaging and design thing down, I’m not sure the price-tag can quite be justified… The colour is beautiful, and very long lasting, but I feel there are other equally pigmented and long-lasting lip colours out there for a fraction of the price… That said, I plan on using every last bit of it 🙂


I also got this lovely dark blue-red from Nars, it’s Olivia from the Audacious collection. The Audacious lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented and really comfortable to wear, and I think this shade of red is pretty versatile.

Left – Olivia from Nars. Right – TF Black Dahlia.

As lovely as these shades are alone – they’re even more pretty together 😉 First I applied Black Dahlia, then to make it a bit more red, went over it with Olivia.

Black Dahlia with Olivia over it

Finally some translucent powder, and a bit of bronzer and blush… This was the final look. (There are more photos on my IG of the makeup and the outfit I was wearing if you’re interested)


Some lovely birthday surprises:


Hope you like this look, and would love to know what your favourite winter makeup looks are 🙂 Have a lovely weekend,y’all! ❤

43 thoughts on “Dark Birthday/Winter Makeup

  1. Lovely looks! I also tried a Tom Ford lipstick–it was a gift from my son and daughter-in-law. Nice product but definitely over priced. That said, the lipstick broke. I contacted TF and they replaced the product! Very cool.

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