Graphic Winged Liner

So I was rummaging through Youtube a while ago looking for tips on how to do winged liner for monolids – I have a tiny crease, but barely, and it’s only on one side tbh,  I struggle to find any visible crease on the other side most of the time – and came across a really great tutorial. It’s a step by step on how to do winged liner for hooded or mono lids – if you have either, you know how real the struggle is, either your liner gets smudged all over your lid, you can’t see it after its applied, the line is slightly down-turned or ALL three!

Mid way through following the eyeliner tutorial  steps –  I really liked this edgy graphic effect, and would personally wear it just like this.

It’s a Pixiwoo video – Pixiwoo are two sisters from the UK who are both make up artists. They do some incredible make up and explain all the steps really well. I also think they seem like lovely people and their personalities really shine through on their videos, making them really enjoyable to watch. You can check out the tutorial  here Pixiwoo – Cat Eyes for Hooded Lids

Many of you probably already do this, but some of you mightn’t (I certainly never did this before) but the trick, especially for hooded or mono lids is to draw a line upwards from the end of your lower lash line, then, as you line the upper lash line, to bring it to meet up with the first line.

filling it  in with black shadow

If you don’t use liquid or gel liners often, it might be best to practice on days when you’re not rushed, or just do a very thin line close to the lash line and not wing it, just to get comfortable using them. I’ve used liquid liners since I was a teen, so I find them easy enough to use, I just struggle with my eye shape!

over the shadow with some liquid liner to tidy it up 🙂

Hope you like this look, and make sure to check out the Pixiwoo channel. If you’ve any other tips or tricks for eyeliner, I’d love to hear!

Liquid liner – Exaggerate Liquid Liner by Rimmel

Lipstick – Lady Danger by MAC

Black eyeshadow – Charcoal by MAC

Happy midway through the week, y’all! ❤


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