Bold Purple Eyes

First of all, sorry for disappearing from here for so long – exams and assignments all kind of came together, and I got a little bit caught up in the frenzy, but I’m hoping to get better at planning blog posts ahead of time so that I can have things prepared for those times when it gets a little hectic. If you’ve any tips for planning posts and how you do it, I’d really love to hear! I’ve been reading through some other bloggers recent posts and it was so lovely seeing what you guys have been up to, I really missed this community. Really looking forward to reading more! ❤ 

A short while ago, it was two of my best friends’ birthday (they’re twins, so double the fun!) As I’d been in the study cave for so long, I really wanted to try something fun and different with my makeup for their party, so I thought maybe some bright purple might work.

Nars Jolie Poupee

I’ve always loved Nars Jolie Poupee (as you can tell by the little well I’ve made in it! – it reminds me of a Cadburys chocolate wrapper 😉 ) – it has a lovely matte lilac coupled with a pearlescent purple.

how gorgeous are these colours?!

(i) I started by applying Urban Decay eye primer (a firm favourite), then used MAC’s Brule as a base colour.

(ii) After this, I applied a some of the lilac colour from the NARS duo all over the lid.

(ii) For evening I love a really smokey eye so I mixed Carbon (black) and Embark shadows from MAC to create a rich but intense colour to use on the outer corners of the eyes.

Brule (upper right) and Embark (lower right) – both MAC

(iv) Next I mixed the two colours from Jolie Poupee together and applied them over the lid, using more product on the inner half to create more colour intensity here.

(v) After that I just played around with these colours, building up and blending  the products until I got the look I wanted, then did the same thing for the lower lash line (this is something I love about smokey eyes, you can keep building for a really dramatic and smokey effect, or just use a little product for a more subtle effect. Sometimes you just gotta go big or go home though, am I right?! 😛 )

(vi) I used a nude shimmery pigment from MAC for the inner corners of my eyes


(vii) then lined top lash line with black liquid liner, and popped on plenty of mascara.


(vii) finally, PLENTY of Vernis a Levres from YSL in number 13 (you can find a review I did  here )


IMG_1918 - Version 2

This look was FAR too much FUN to create!!! I played around with the saturation of the photo a to make to make it really pop – hope you like the end result! Would love to hear what you like to use for smokey eyes, and hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend! ❤

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