Nars Audacious Lipstick in Bette

A recent purchase and new obsession.

The Audacious Collection was launched not long ago by Nars. The website describes the collection as ‘single-stroke coverage so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious.’ Boy, does it live up to expectations.

First of all – the PACKAGING – the lipstick tube itself is so tactile, unimaginably cool and smooth, and closes magnetically. There’s something really luxurious about it – for  €30, it would would probably want to be!

❤ the packaging

Secondly, the lipstick – for winter I was looking for a deep, rich shade of red. I tend to favour colours with cooler tones as I find they make my teeth look much whiter, and decided on Bette in the end.

This is a great shade for anyone who likes bold colour during the day, or someone who’s afraid of going too dark for night.
Bette comes up quite red in photos (both day and night) – but is darker and more blue in person

I personally think it’s quite sheer, especially in comparison to YSL’s Rouge Pur collection, which I love for strong colour, but it’s really buildable, which I like about it – you can wear it with some lip balm for a rich hue or layer it up for some more striking fun.


‘I have a real obsession with lipstick. It gives you more power.’ Francois Nars.

The texture is creamy and moisturising with a satiny finish, and I’ve received so many lovely compliments every time I’ve worn it so far. While it’s long lasting if left alone, you’ll definitely need to reapply after eating or drinking.

Overall, I really like it!

Have you tried the Audacious Collection yet? What did you think?

Have a lovely weekend everyone! ❤



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