Orange you glad you tried this?

Recently I’ve found myself in a little bit of a makeup rut. While they’re perfect for everyday wear, and always look elegant with a flick of liquid liner in the evening, I’m just a little tired of sweeping various shades of brown and taupe across my lids. Every time I saunter past a NARS, MAC or Inglot counter, I feel my heart beat a little faster, pound a little harder, yearning for some mesmerising aqua blue or canary yellow. I run a quick little cost-versus-use table in my head, and every time the answer is the exact same, ‘You’re going to use that once or twice, then it will sit at the bottom of your makeup bag until that day, possibly a few years from now, when you realise you’ll never use it, and you finally decide that it’s time to let it go.’

You see, in another life, I hoarded electric pink and radioactive green shadows like a crazy woman, but I’ve since learned that that money could be better spent on a classic red Chanel lipstick, for example, that I can wear every other day.

Maybe it was the prospect of being free of exams for a few months, maybe it was the sight of a bright summer sun… Whatever it was, I decided it was time to bring some colour back into my makeup life.

Now, still trying to be the prudent cost-versus-use type, I asked one of the assistants in MAC what she could recommend that was both a little bit more fun and colourful than the standard neutrals, while being very wearable. She proceeded to show me this

MAC eyeshadow, Rule, and MAC eye shader brush #239
MAC eyeshadow, Rule, and MAC eye shader brush #239

I instantly shot her a look of disapproval, ‘ORANGE, SERIOUSLY? WHO WEARS ORANGE EYESHADOW?’ Now, maybe I’m behind the times, or just not ‘hip, cool and with it’ enough, but she seemed pretty adamant that this was a good choice. So jettisoning all reason, I put my faith in her and made my purchase.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure how I could make it subtle enough for daytime wear to work or college, but after a little bit of experimentation, I decided on this


I started with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. Then, using an eye blender brush (I used MAC’s eye shader brush in #239) swept some MAC Brule across the entire lid. After that, I patted a little more Brule on the inner part of my eye, and then Rule on the outer part and blended both. I also like to use a little bit of highlight on the inner corner, just to brighten it up a little – here I used Bone from Bobbi Brown. Finally, I swept some dark shadow along the upper lash line for a little definition, and a coat or two of mascara – and that’s it, we’re done!

From left to right: MAC eye shader brush #239, MAC eyeshadow Brule, MAC eyeshadow Rule


What do you think? Should I try something a little more vibrant? What shadows will you be using this September?

Happy Saturday! (YAY, it’s the weekend!) Enjoy 🙂

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