Lady in Red

Usually I’m not one for colour, preferring a simple palette of neutrals instead. Grey, navy, off-white, it might seem a little boring, but I find it saves so much time in the mornings as they can be so easily worn together, and a neutral coloured outfit is great for offsetting a  bright, vibrant lip – which I ADORE! Lately though, the greys have been getting a little boring, especially since it’s always so dull and overcast here in Ireland, so I’m trying really hard to dip my feet in a little bit of colour. I’ve yet to venture into the world of print, but block colour is something I think I could possibly do every now and then….

block colour: red

I figured red would be a good place to start on my colour adventure, after all, every woman should own at least one red dress, right? I kept it simple by going for a drop waist, and made it more young and fun by throwing on a pair of leather boots and a leather jacket.

Maybe one day I’ll brave a coloured jacket… maybe…  Until then, one block colour at a time. 🙂

Dress: Mango, jacket: Lipsy

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